Sustainable growth and low interest loans

International Peace Day is celebrated every September 21 throughout the world since its establishment in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. With the aim of strengthening the ideals of peace, both among all nations and all peoples and among all the members that make up each of them. Year after year a different theme is established regarding the theme of Peace.

Advantages of Crowdlending

In this edition, the motto is “The Objectives of Sustainable Development: constitutive elements of peace”. An especially important issue for the development of all economies and that is directly linked to the advantages of Crowdlending. This concept of financing is a clear example of sustainable growth for both companies, projects and people, regardless of their magnitude.

This sustainability implies that the collaborative economy has to do not only with the help of an equal (“Peer to Peer”) but with the cost savings of all kinds. Expecting that, in addition, being a digital sector, there is not so much intermediation or paperwork.

Crowdlending is committed to the union of numerous investors to boost a personal need, as opposed to single or limited investors. Thus, any person can get the financing they need without going to the services of a bank or another traditional financial institution – with the corresponding and abusive interest rates that it imposes on many occasions.

Request of loans

This type of collaborative economy helps those who have a need for financing to cover it, with fairer interests and no additional obligations, such as contracting insurance or direct debits. But it also makes it easier for those investors who want to humanize finances and who want to make a higher return on their savings. Not to mention that investments are democratized since now, anyone who wants to, can invest from € 50 on platforms like ours.

Thus, a grain of sand can be contributed in the evasion of discussions for money and for the injustices that imply the request of loans in traditional financial with the interests, the additional hiring or the direct debits.

How many times have you had any discussion with a partner, partner, friend or partner for economic issues? Simplify your need for financing, help sustainable development, and reduce expenses, with alternative solutions such as those offered by Roy Hobbs!